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February 2024


   Illustration of autumnal trees against a hilly landscape with a person depicted under the trees Title:  Picture Perfect Autumn

     Author:  Shelley Noble


Dani Campbell is a twenty-something successful photographer from Brooklyn.  Lawrence Sinclair is an elderly, cantankerous former photographer who lives alone in a small Rhode Island beach town.  Their worlds collide when Dani realizes her work is missing something which, upon coming across some of Lawrence's old photos, she believes he can help her identify.


After scouring the internet, Dani finds Lawrence's whereabouts and sets out on a journey that leads her straight to his door.  Lawrence begrudgingly agrees to go along with her plan, but he soon realizes that Dani is helping him as much as he's helping her.  Add Lawrence's estranged grandson into the mix, and you have a brilliant story full of long-held family grudges, new beginnings, deception, and self-discovery. 


teapot and cup on table in a conservatory with plants    Title:  Murder in a Cup (Book 2 - Crystals & CuriosiTEAS series)

     Author:  Lauren Elliott


As we all know, winter is upon us, and there's no better time to pick up a cozy read!  In the follow-up to Steeped in Secrets, Shayleigh Myers is still trying to settle into life in Bray Harbor and make a success of her inherited tea shop.  But another obstacle is thrown in her path when a customer suddenly dies during a group gathering.  The coroner determines that the woman's death was caused by poisoning, and Shay's loyal teenage employee, Tassi, is the prime suspect.  Shay knows that Tassi had a tumultuous relationship with the victim but would never resort to murder; however, Shay will need a lot more than just her own intuition to bring the real murderer to justice and restore her business's reputation once again.  



illustration of the roof and upper floor of a yellow house in winter snow    Title:  The Good House

     Author:  Ann Leary



Small town intrigues, feuding mothers, a missing child, and psychic powers that trace back to the Salem witch trials.  Need I say more?



photograph of a woman against a waterfall and hilly landscape    Title: Identity

    Author:  Nora Roberts

    Romance Thriller

Morgan Albright moves home to Vermont determined to get her life back after a con artist steals her identity, her nest egg and also murders her roommate.  Because she was the one who got away from the con artist and broke his "streak" he is determined to make her pay for it.


illustration of a purple plum    Title: Save Me the Plums: My Gourmet Memoir

    Author:  Ruth Reichl



This book is the auto-biographical journey of Ruth Reichl’s love of food - from childhood to adult – her career as a food critic, and her rise to become the Editor-In-Chief of Gourmet Magazine.  Her self-deprecating humor and clear enjoyment of her medium make it read like fiction.


If you love food and cooking this book is very informative regarding life in the food magazine world and has great recipes to share.




Graphics of a dark doorway with a hand dangling a key    Title: The Mystery Guest (A Maid Novel)

    Author:  Nita Prose



How many people do you know that LOVE their job?  Well, Molly the Head Maid at the Regency Grand Hotel sure does!  The second book in The Maid series picks up 3 years later when Molly is still cleaning, training a new maid, and trying to figure people out.


When the Regency is chosen by the favorite mystery author, J.D.Grimthorpe, for a mysterious press release, Molly and staff polish up the new tea room for the event.  Once again a murder occurs and Molly becomes the suspect.  This time around, we learn more about Molly's past and her relationships and she exceeds everyone’s expectations once again.  Let's hope there will be more to Molly's story in the future!



Illustration of person on a horse illustration of a dark blue man and a pink woman   Title: Lore Olympus (Volumes 1 & 2)

    Author/Illustrator:  Rachel Smythe

    YA Graphic Novel

I liked this series as a new, fresh reimagining of the classic Greek mythology involving Hades and Persephone as teens finding themselves and their place in a modern day Olympus.



illustration of 3 young women and magical effects with giant eyes watching from the backgound    Title: Witchlings (Book 1 of the series)

    Author:  Claribel Ortega

    Juvenile Fantasy

It's a fun-filled, action-packed coming of age quest ....perfect for younger HARRY POTTER fans!  The book celebrates the power of friendship, family, and love while the three protagonists persevere against stacked odds to follow their dreams. 



illustration of a very large animated pea eating a framed picture of a princess     Title:  The Princess and the (Greedy) Pea

     Author/Illustrator:  Leigh Hodgkinson


This brightly illustrated, oversized picture book is a mash-up of two iconic children's tales, The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly and The Princess and the Pea.


The repetitive, rhyming verses are funny on their own but, when paired with the colorful and slyly humorous illustrations, the story is hilarious!  It has a fantastic, subversive ending that all would-be princesses and princes will love.

Read this to all your recalcitrant vegetable eaters!


graphics of symbols/insignias and dragons     Title:  Fourth Wing (#1 in The Empyrean Series)

     Author:  Rebecca Yarros


A NYT best seller, Goodreads Choice Awards semi-finalist, a NPR “Book We Love,” optioned for TV by Amazon Studios...these are just a few of the accolades heaped upon this title.  Well, suffice to say, "I was not disappointed."


This is a sexy, suspenseful, heart-pounding fantasy adventure from start to finish. Violet, our slight, fragile heroine, was trained to be a scribe like her father. When he passed, her mother, the Commandant of the War College and a renowned dragon rider, insisted that Violet follow in her footsteps and the thrills never stop.


World building and character development are fantastic!  Political intrigue fills in the story and ends with an amazing, heart stopping finale.  I can't wait to read the sequel!




graphics of insignias and dragons     Title:  Iron Flame (#2 in The Empyrean Series)

     Author:  Rebecca Yarros


A page turner or, in my case, a non-stop audiobook marathon.  The story begun in Fourth Wing only gets better with even more twists, turns, betrayals, and secrets revealed. 

Violet has not only earned her place in the 2nd year class, but has discovered that being small and “frail” do not define her!  With excellent character development (you know that you love Rhi, Imogen, Xaden, Ridoc, Sawyer, Dain, Aaric, Jesinia, Mira, Brennan and the DRAGONS) and a continuation of the exquisite world building that had us fully immersed and captivated in Fourth Wing.  In this story you’ll meet Liam’s younger sister Sloane, the GRYPHONS and their riders, and get the backstory on much of the conflict that has defined Navarre’s history while the fight with the Venins and Wyverns only heats up – literally.

This is a non-stop adventure celebrating the bonds of friendship, camaraderie, diversity and the human heart.  A fitting sequel to the blockbuster first book – I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the third!

Illustration of Danish symbols, candles and homey thingsth a dog looking in     Title:  The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living (part of the 3 book   Happiness Institute series

     Author:  Meik Wiking

     DIY Self-Help & Happiness Ideas

Pronounced “hoo-ga” this little book is not about “things,” but rather an opportunity to rediscover the idea of cozy in our environments with the people we love.  Central to hygge is the comfort that “home” brings to each of us – that sense of safety, life at a remove from the outer world, and the essential place to let our guard down.


Written by Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute (an independent think tank in Denmark), the book explores the connection between hygge and happiness and how we might learn from the happiest country in the world how to find our own peace, calm, and sense of well-being.  Packed full of excellent suggestions and commentary, I highly recommend taking the time to flip through the pages in search of inspiration – if nothing else, the Hygge Manifesto is worth posting near your workspace as a reminder that there is much more to life!  You needn’t read it cover-to-cover to benefit from the “light” this book brings to your heart…and soul.


Illustration of young girl in a penguin costume getting carried away by a large group of penguins    Title:  Harriet Gets Carried Away

    Author/Illustrator: Jessie Sima

    Picture Book

Harriet loves nothing better than playing dress-up in her costumes.  She wears them EVERY day, not just for holidays.  This time she’s dressed like a penguin as her adventures take her shopping for party decorations with her dads – and what happens when her imagination gets “carried away.”

A relatable story with engaging illustrations (love how the perspective changes to see things from a child’s point of view) featuring a non-traditional family and lots of fun with friends!

Comic illustration of a young man surrounded by cleaning supplies and other supplies    Title:  How to Be a Person

    Author: Catherine Newman Knowles

    Illustrator: Debbie Fong

    Juvenile/YA Self-Help Skills

A comically illustrated (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) guide to “65 Hugely Useful, Super-Import Skills to Learn before You’re Grown Up.”  From How to Care for people, pets, and plants to How to Be Kind (saying it right when trying to get your point across), and How to Clean (your space and your clothes) to Edible Food (how to make meals and what’s in a kitchen?), this guide takes you through the steps of everyday activities with “Pop Quizzes” like “You took out the trash.  Now what?”


Illustration of tee profile of a young Native American man with his face uplifted set against the shadowy profile of a coyote headed uplifted howling    Title:  The Prince and the Coyote

    Author: David Bowles

    YA Fiction

A wonderful story based upon true historical events.  About a young man – engineer, architect, statesman, soldier, General, musician, and poet who valued and understood human beings.  Rich and well written, a story that transports you into a different time and culture.