Statement of Purpose

The Wareham Free Library supports continuing education efforts by cooperating with educational institutions and local students to provide exam services in the library for area residents. This policy sets forth guidelines for its exam proctoring policy.

Guidelines for Proctoring Exams

  1. Exam appointments must be scheduled in advance, to ensure that quiet space can be set aside during requested exam time. Requests will not be granted for walk-in appointments.
  2. The proctor will meet the testing institution’s conditions whenever possible. The instructor must provide written guidelines on test administration, including time limit and the use of books/notes, or calculators. The instructor should also submit directions on where to send a completed test following its completion.
  3. Students should be prepared to provide a valid photo ID at the time of the exam.
  4. Students should arrive for testing as scheduled and notify the library if they are unable to keep a scheduled appointment.
  5. Direct in-room supervision will not be provided, but the student will be checked on periodically. Any violation of exam rules will be reported directly to the instructor or testing institution.
  6. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the Wareham Free Library has received the test and/or necessary log-on information in advance of the examination.
  7. Students should be prepared to bring supplies, necessary equipment, or software to take the exam. Software required to complete an online examination cannot be installed on library computers. 
  8. There is no fee for exam proctoring, but the student will assume all costs associated with postage and packaging to mail an exam back to an institution, if applicable.

Approved by Wareham Free Library Board of Trustees