Please read the following terms of agreement before requesting to use one of our rooms.

The Wareham Free Library has meeting room space available for the purpose of promoting the library’s mission to be an integral part of the community by providing a wide variety of popular, educational and informational materials, resources, services and programs.

Nonprofit, for-profit, and private organizations are all eligible to apply for meeting room space. The fact that an organization is permitted to meet at the library does not, in any way, constitute an endorsement of their policies, beliefs, goods, or services offered.

Room requests must be submitted online on the library’s website. Submission of a request in no way guarantees approval to use one of our facilities. Organizations must receive confirmation from library staff.

The library director has final authority concerning the use of the facilities for meetings and programs and reserves the right to refuse use of the facilities for meetings and programs that might disrupt library service. Permission to use the library’s meeting rooms may be withheld from individuals or groups who fail to comply with the meeting room policies and procedures.

Terms of Agreement:

1. Reservation of a room is not official until confirmed by an authorized staff member.
2. Groups may not charge admission unless first approved by the library director.
3. The use of refreshments requires permission from an authorized staff member.
4. All event participants must have vacated the building prior to the library’s closure. Permission to meet outside of normal operating hours requires approval from the library director.
5. Applicants will not be allowed to store items within any of the meeting room spaces in advance of the program/event/meeting unless the library director has consented.
6. Applicants accept full responsibility for any damage to the library resulting from the applicant’s or his/her organization’s use of the library space. Rooms must be returned to the condition in which they were found (e.g. the configuration of chairs). Trash must be contained and removed.
7. The library assumes no responsibility for the loss of or damage to property belonging to the group or its members.
8. Smoking is not permitted in the building. Flame of any kind is absolutely not permitted.

If you agree to these Terms, please submit a room request by visiting the following link:

I accept the Terms of Agreement and would like to reserve a room.

Please note that you will need to fill out two forms: the first form requests availability and the second form (which will automatically open upon submitting the first form) requests details about your request.