To register contact Steven Miller, Reference/Outreach Librarian at or (508) 295-2343 x1012. Please check this page again to find out when classes will be offered again during the month of June.

Computer and Internet Basics

Learn how to use a keyboard and mouse, access the internet, set up an e-mail account, and be safe while surfing the web.

Week 1 – Participants will learn how to use a keyboard and a mouse. Learn how to use different parts of Windows like the icons, desktop and start menu.

Week 2 – Participants will begin to start using the Internet. Learn about browsers, links, and bookmarks. Additionally, participants will gain knowledge about how to search for information using Google.

Week 3 – Participants will learn how to understand how e-mail works. Participants will also become familiar with the different components of an e-mail message including sending and receiving messages.

Intermediate Computer Skills 

Learn how to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and how to work with files on your computer. Classes will take place on Thursdays in April at 10:00 AM.

Week 1 – Learn the basics of using Microsoft Word. Participants will learn how to create and open documents, format text, use toolbars and save their work.

Week 2 – Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel. Participants will learn about moving cells and entering in data. Students will gain insight using Excel for everyday functions.

Week 3 – Learn how to organize, identify and send files, and everything in between.

Stand Alone Sessions

Introduction to Ancestry Library Edition 

Learn how to use Ancestry Library Edition, to access billions of records in census data, vital records, directories, photos and more. Instruction will be provided on how to search more than 7,000 databases – which also comprise of immigration records, family histories, military records, court and legal documents, and maps.