Are you having trouble reading a book, understanding a letter you received in the mail, or looking at some old photographs? Patrons may access two of our video magnifiers in the library. You can learn more about them below.

Merlin Ultra HD Video Magnifier

This high-definition video machine offers full color and contrast, with crystal clear images and vibrant color accuracy.

One can easily read books, magazines, read and write letters, view color photos, do crossword puzzles or use an HDMI connection to view a computer screen.

It is located by our computer workstations, across from the mystery section.

To learn more about this model, please click here.

Magnisight Explorer Custom Focus CCTV

This system includes a viewing tray, camera, freeze image mode, and computer monitor, with magnification from 4x to 70x. Monitor can
allow patrons to read books and letters, or do crossword puzzles.

It is located across from our non-fiction collection, near the study carrels by the courtyard.

To learn more about this model, please click here.