For Information About Our STEM Activity Kits

Wareham, Mass. — The Wareham Free Library is excited to announce that six STEM Activity Kits are now available for checkout for children, young adults, and families. These kits are an excellent way for families to engage in STEM activities at home and enjoy related reading material.

The six STEM Activity Kits available for checkout include Anti-Gravity/Electricity, Astronomy, Dinosaurs, the Human Body, Rocks & Minerals, and Weather.

The Anti-Gravity/Electricity kit features a complete 34-piece magnetic levitation kit, a 29-piece circuit board, and five books while the Astronomy kit includes a F360-70 telescope with interactive DVD, and three books about outer space.

The Dinosaur/Fossil kit includes a DVD set about dinosaurs, fossil specimens, books, and a magnifying glass. Inside the Human Body kit, patrons can find human body posters, a 28-piece squishy human body kit, a DVD, and additional books on human anatomy.

The Rocks & Minerals kit contains a rock tumbler, an activity kit with 200 real rocks, minerals and fossils, and three books about the three classifications of rocks. The Weather kit features a 17-piece green weather science kit, a 32-piece weather science lab, a DVD, and three books about meteorology.

Patrons may checkout a STEM activity kit for two weeks with no renewals. The same kit cannot be checked out more than once per month. Kits must be returned to the circulation desk and not placed in the book drops.

The Wareham Free Library provides the STEM activity kits listed above with federal funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided through the Institute Museum of Library Services (IMLS) and administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC).

Grants were designed to help the recipients with remote and virtual programming during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Wareham Free Library is also using funds from the grant to expand programming online and to create outdoor story walk materials, which can be checked out to partners within the community.