Voting Information

Wareham Town Voting Information – Town of Wareham election information, voting information, and precincts

Wareham Town Early Voting Schedule – Information about early voting hours from October 17 through October 29 at the Town Hall auditorium

Voter Options Guide (Town of Wareham) – Information about voting, different options to vote and frequently asked questions

Massachusetts Online Voter Registration Status – Use the Mass Secretary of State website to check your registration status, register to vote online, or update information

Massachusetts – Track My Ballot – Use this tool to see whether your mail in ballot has been officially processed by your city or town clerk

If you are in need of a mail-in voter registration form, the Wareham Free Library can provide one. You can call the circulation desk at (508) 295-2343 and dial 0 to set up an appointment.

For the Town of Wareham, the last day to register to vote is Thursday, October 24 and the vote by mail application deadline is Wednesday, October 28.


Candidate Information

CandidatePolitical Party
Edward MarkeyDemocrat – Candidate for Re-Election
Kevin O’ConnorRepublican
US Congress (9th District)
Bill KeatingDemocrat – Candidate for Re-Election
Helen BradyRepublican
Michael ManleyIndependent
Councilor (1st District)
Joseph C. Ferreira Democrat – Candidate for Re-Election
Senator in General Court (1st Plymouth & Bristol)
Marc PachecoDemocrat – Candidate for Re-Election
Representative in General Court (2nd Plymouth)
Susan Gifford Republican – Candidate for Re-Election
Register of Probate (Plymouth County)
Matthew J. McDonoughDemocrat – Candidate for Re-Election
County Treasurer (Plymouth County)
Thomas J. O’Brien Democrat – Candidate for Re-Election
Carina Leeza MompelasRepublican
County Commissioners (Plymouth County)
Gregory M. HanleyDemocrat
John Patrick Riordan Democrat
Jared L. Valanzola Republican

Vote 411 Voter Guide – Has selected information/responses for candidates above

State Primary Election Results


Ballot Questions

Information for Voters – 2020 State Ballot Questions (PDF)

More Detailed Information About Ballot Questions from Ballotpedia

Ballot Question 1 (Ballotpedia) | Ballot Question 2 (From Ballotpedia)

2020 Massachusetts Ballot Questions – On the Web

Yes On Question 1 ( | No On Question 1 (Coalition on Safe Data)
Yes On Question 2 (

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The GBH News Guide to Massachusetts Ballot Questions (October 27 – GBH)

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